Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Does the NC Dem Party have any idea how the next Dem person running for governor is going to be hoisted on the petard of the chaos that Carmen Hooker Odom and Mike Mosley have created? Is it Perdue? Can her office not do something about this woman who narcisstically mismanages the doman of DD/MH/SA?


Mosley threatens Mobster Action on Endorsed Providers:

In reviewing the April 24, 2007 Memo from Mike Mosley and Allen Dobson, MD, the following salient points are introduced from the perspective of a provider working with a company who has successfully utilized Community Support Services for the past year:
#1. Threats: Providers of Community Services who provide more than 12 hours/ week for a client will automatically trigger a review which could involve ‘further review and investigation.’ No agency, particularly now, with more time demanded to manage paperwork, will have any clients that receive more than 12 hours/ week of Community Support. The norm was more than 12 hours/ week. Thus, a significant cut-back in Community Services, at a reduced rate, is now what we have. NOTE: Community Support Services include emergency health services.
#2. No immediate services available: As associated with both children and adults, ‘ No 30 day pass through period’ is allowed, as before. This initial 30 days was associated with delivering immediate services to client who could be suicidal and in immediate need of assistance. So, if one has a suicidal client who could benefit from Community Support and contact, that client will either have to be: committed to a locked-down ward or sent to overburdened ACTT, which provides no therapy and lose current therapist. Such a scenario presented itself to me just yesterday.
#3 Consumers are demanded to fit into a rehabilitation model which does not accommodate chronic mental illness: The Diagnostic Assessment and corollary paperwork must reflect that Community Support will: “correcxt or ameliorate a defect, physical or mental illness…”
#4. Hope is for the Future: ‘…the Department will further refine and modify the plan on a quarterly basis….’
To summarize the matter, no Endorsed Provider is going to risk all the difficulties of being ‘investigated’ by DHHS for more than 12 hours/ Community Support / week and emergency psychiatric services are effectively thrown back to the LME emergency services (for Smoky Mountain Center, this is the Balsam Center) as Endorsed Provider companies cannot provide the demanded 24/7/365 services required for their very existence and endorsement.



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