Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Think this is a Democratic State? : (VIVA LA PROGRESSIVE DEMS): NAMI wants the $ re: sale of Dix to stay in MH: hahahaha

Bill (Franklin: Dem, Almance county: cursed by mental illness himself, as he will be the first to state):

you forwarded this NAMI info: "NAMI North Carolina asks that the monies gained from the sale of Dix be kept in the mental health system and not revert to the general fund. "

When I see the privatization of Medicaid going forward I say to myself: we are totally screwed. For god's sake, get this state legislature out of session.

Good luck to whomever cares re: this money being kept in mental health and being used for that purpose.

How can we put pressure on the state legislature to do this? If we cannot keep up with where the millions----MILLIONS---- of state dollars go as associated emergency psychiatric care----then how are we going to keep up with this money? Should we put a 'scent' on it or 'spray paint' it so we can keep up with it? Some kind of smoke bomb in order to alert us to the getaway car?

Does anyone know when this state legislative season is over? this is beginning to be like counting the days until George Bush is gone---and this is supposed to be a state run by Democrats. Citizens see the lobbyists coming and going and all of our entreaties are simply dismissed.

Don't want Mr. Nesbitt's (D-buncombe) (Mr. Nesbitt is described as being the 'crew chief) son to be racing NASCAR Blue Cross Blue Shield ADVANTA car ----in terms of advertisement? Well, who cares.

Don't know where the emergency psychiatric money that was slated for such is going? Good luck. We'll ask the comptroller.

Think that Charles Thomse (R-Buncombe) might have suspicious connections to business interests in that he is a 'financial advisor'----as associated with he succesfully ("the 1st time NC Senator 'scored a coup') keeping mental health parity from being passed as applicable for companies with 25 or fewer employees? Get a life.

Want to keep mental health dollars within mental health? Silly you.

marsha hammond, phd


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