Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bev Perdue, Gubernatorial Candidate (D) thinks NC NEEDS MORE CASE MANAGEMENT

Ms. (Kennetha) Smith ("Kennetha Smith" <>), associated with Beverly Perdue's campaign:

Thank you for your correspondence.

This being said, you cannot possibly know how cynical we have become out here in the land of 'let's ignore their complaints and they'll go away.' Let's throw away their e mails and they won't exist.

At some level, Bev Perdue is too little, too late. Additionally, it appears she has no idea what is going on.

No answers to any e mails; no discussions re: mental health matters. And no vote from me, as best I can tell. Mike Arnold sending me an occasional email to important mental health information: 'what do you want me to do with it.'

What would have been useful is some statements, public ones, about mental health matters, and not just a bunch of fluff like what you just sent me:

"We also have to develop a quality case management system through community networks, such as the “medical home” model. We need to extend collaboration, like this kind of community network to the delivery of mental health services....In her view, the concept of a medical home should play a major role in helping to revitalize our badly-tattered mental health system within and outside of Medicaid. Patients with severe mental illness need the security of a medical home as well as strong in-patient professional service. We should also strive to define a basic level of mental health services to which needy patients should have access."

HONEY: we don't need case management. Case management is not the PROVIDER OF SERVICES. Do you even KNOW what case management is about?

Community Support Services (CSS), which this Dem governor, under the wacky Hooker-Odom, de-funded, which, according to NC DHHS CSS Service Definitions, ALLOWED high school graduates and those w/ no training to function as CSS Paraprofessionals, IS ABOUT CASE MANAGEMENT.

As for clinical homes, all clients have these.


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


Blogger NC Mental Health Truth said...

More case management, what a joke. We see how well the state runs it's psychiatric hospitals.

There appears to be outrage misguided towards private providers. However, the state has allowed over 30 un-reported, or underreported deaths at state facilities and the press and legislature is promoting more government run case management.

If they run it as well as they did previously, or the way state hospitals are ran the state is really in trouble.

8:43 PM  

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