Monday, June 30, 2008

Asking McCrory for an audience: PLEASE STANDARDIZE UTILIZATION MANAGEMENT of the LME's across NC

June 30. 2008

Dear Mr. Coletti:

Thank you for your article: North Carolina Seeks to Hike the State's Beer, Tobacco Taxes
The Heartland Institute - Chicago,IL,USA

In the interest of not raising taxes (this time), I would like to suggest that there are ways that have not been entertained that would make mental health care more efficient in NC. One would be a standardization of the Utilization Management within the various LME's. They all operate differently and therefore citizens across the state are accessed to different levels of services.

What does the Utilization Management Department of an LME do? They authorize treatment. Without authorization, you can treat people 24/7 but you will never be paid.

Its scary as hell for this provider to think that the LME's might be overseeing Medicaid.

These are just some of the range of how the Utilization Management Departments function across the state----which I am aware of at this time.

* In the middle of the state, it appears that clients receive the same services as would be accorded Medicaid clients.

* In Asheville, clients receive 8 therapy sessions and no more unless they have personality disorders and even then, they can receive more therapy if they also receive group therapy.

* In Waynesville, under Smoky Mountain Center LME, no therapy is available except under the constantly defunded Community Support Services.

I am asking for an audience w/ Mr. McCrory. I am a registered Dem. However, the Dems seem to be tone deaf. If you see McCrory or have some leads on this matter, put in a word for me, if you can.


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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