Friday, September 26, 2008

The SO FAR critical safety issues at Central Regional Hospital---the stand-in for DIX

Unbelieveable. To work there is to risk suicide or homicide.

Here is the list, as enumerated accordingly: "the physicians and psychologists authorized us to send you this letter of concern." Signed by: Nicole Wolfe, M.D. Margaret Champion, M.D. Richard Rumer, Ph.D.

When submitted to NC DHHS: September 19, 2008


1. There is still not a fully operational paging system or voice-over-internet phone system (someone has an emergency and they cannot call for help on a dependable basis)

2. indeed, there is :"The Code Blue/Duress alarms system continues to generate many false alarms" (the sky is falling! the sky is falling!, which inevitably leads to lethargic responses)

3. there is no: "complete fire alarm/defend-in-place drill" (what do we do when we have an emergency)

4. females on the forensic units w/ the murderers: "We are informed, for example, that the Forensic Maximum Security Male Unit (staffed at DDH with male health care technicians) will become staffed at CRH with a large number of female and male health care technicians from John Umstead hospital who have not worked in a forensic unit and have not yet received forensic training. "

5. nursing and other staff are not protected from the murderers and other violent offenders: "There is no ability to restrict violent forensic patients from entering the nursing station and harming staff or property."

6. Dix Hospital personnel will be depleted of crucial elements: "There is currently no plan in place for staff to respond appropriately to very dangerous patient behavior once the Forensic response team is moved to CRH.

7. Emergent admissions to Dix would be examined by a non-psychiatrist: "Currently, the physician at the unit is planned to be an internist, not a psychiatrist. ....This appears to be in violation of the proposed CRH credentialing and privileging manual, and departs from the standards of practice of the other North Carolina state psychiatric hospitals. "


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