Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mental Health professionals continue to be dismissed : non-accreditation of Broughton; professional committees dismissed at new Central Reg. Hospital

Broughton continues to bleed the tax-payers because NC DHHS cannot get it re-accredited as associated w/ all of its problems.

And has been the continued theme, specifically, the providers who are directly doing the work are not consulted but rather the administrators' advice is used, NC tax payers continue to pay for the lack of regard for the work of the professionals on the part of NC DHHS.

State was warned on mental health billing
Biesecker: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/

"In meetings and e-mail messages last summer, Dr. Michael Lancaster, co-director of the state mental health division, and Jim Osberg, director of all state mental hospitals, were told that using Dix's number at Central Regional would potentially be a violation.

The warnings were summarized in a June 16 e-mail message from Dr. Susan Saik, then the medical director at Dix: "Changing to Dix's provider number while Dix is still operating leaves a number of problems that could lead to serious issues with regulatory agencies," Saik concluded in the lengthy and highly technical message.

Saik and others recommended using John Umstead's provider number at Central Regional instead. The move would avoid confusion and simplify the transfer of patients and staff from Dix, they argued.

Staff overruled

Lancaster and Osberg overruled them."


Additionally, the committee of professionals, inclusive of psychologists, who attempt to guide the actions of the mental hospital, has been dismissed and one committee has been created THOUGH THE BILLING, which was incorrect and caught the eye of the federal regulators, was done as if TWO HOSPITALS EXISTED.


And Broughton continues to be paid for by NC Tax Payers as NC DHHS is not able to utilize the skills of the professionals at Broughton who oould, it is assumed, be put to work in order to regain its accreditation.


Broughton loses accreditation appeal
By Sharon McBrayer | The News Herald
Published: October 9, 2008

I think the whole of NC DHHS administration needs to go away. They won't listen to the people on the ground.


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