Monday, December 29, 2008

BRING ON 1199: Unionization of the public mental health hospitals in NC would strike fear in the hearts of NC DHHS administrators

Nothing strkes fear like the word UNION as per hospital and government administrators.

The union 1199----which attempted to uonionize Atlanta hospitals in the 1980's-----did more to change working conditions, increase salaries, and accelerate patient care----than any other litany of excuse-making could ever do.

They should start w/ Cherry Hospital: ITS RIPE FOR THE PICKING.


Physician assistants vote overwhelmingly to join 1199SEIU
“Unity, stability, a voice on the job, and a guaranteed yearly raise--that’s what 1199 means to me.” -Gennadiy Shamalov, Physician Assistant


Hospital Workers

» Crouse Hospital Campaign
» Boston Medical Center RNs and LPNs Reach Memo of Agreement

Number of Members:

1199SEIU represents nearly 100,000 hospital workers at over one hundred academic medical centers, hospitals and satellite facilities in New York City and its Long Island and northern suburbs, and throughout New York State, Massachusetts, Maryland and in Washington D.C.


Blogger Aftercancer said...

That would be fantastic. I think the mental hospitals and developmental centers would be the perfect place. It's about time that they get some support as a group.

3:59 PM  

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