Thursday, September 23, 2010

Public Health Improvement Program: Feds give almost 2 million to NC DHHS: how will they spend it?

I'm all for what the Feds state this money is to do, in part: "improve networking, coordination, and cross-jurisdictional cooperation for the delivery of public health services ." 48 states and jurisdictions received money and NC was in the top 10 of amount received.

I might imagine, however, that such monies are going to go to the larger private mental health care companies whom will simply utilize it in order to fold in more of the mental health care 'consumers' in order to provide yet more 'administration' of public mental health-----when what is called for is money to providers who work f2f (face to face) w/ citizens experiencing mental health challenges.

In the best of all possible worlds, I might imagine the creation of a HIPAA compliant, internet portal, such that providers could actually efficiently correspond w/ each other about clients' needs-----like I did yesterday afternoon when I was able to reach the very efficient Nurse Practitioner on the phone for a quick change in meds for a client of mine with a SPMI (Severe Persistent Mental Illness).

I figure I save NC DHHS a bunch of money by keeping these kinds of people OUT of the hospital by utilizing strategies like this as well as sending encrypted e mail (watching out for HIPAA) via WORD as per its Security 'Save As' device.

I wish I was a more optimistic kind of person.

U.S. Invests $42.5 Million For Public Health Improvement Programs
Source: Department of Health & Human Services Posted on: 21st September 2010

"......This new 5-year cooperative agreement program entitled, Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure for Improved Health Outcomes, will provide health departments with needed resources to make fundamental changes in their organizations and practices, so that they can improve the delivery of public health services including:

Building and implementing capacity within health departments for evaluating the effectiveness of their organizations, practices, partnerships, programs and use of resources through performance management

Expansion and training of public health staff and community leaders to conduct policy activities in key areas and to facilitate improvements in system efficiency

Maximizing the public health system to improve networking, coordination, and cross-jurisdictional cooperation for the delivery of public health services to address resource sharing and improve health indicators

Disseminating, implementing and evaluating public health’s best and most promising practices

Building a national network of performance improvement managers that share best practices for improving the public health system....."
This is what was allocated for NC:

"$1,903,858 to North Carolina State Department of Health and Human Services"


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