Thursday, December 08, 2011

Will There Be Any Reason to Have Massively Funded MH LME's to Manage Medicaid When There is no Medicaid?

oops. Seems like the $1 million slotted for the LME's to manage Medicaid is going to be a challenge if there is massive defunding of Medicaid. You can thank the Republican driven NC State Legislature.

"Budget shortfall could mean catastrophic Medicaid cuts after allWRAL.comRaleigh, NC — North Carolina Department of Health and Human Servicesofficials said Monday that state lawmakers have changed their tune aboutfinding funds to fill a projected $139 million Medicaid budget shortfall,forcing them to consider making ...<"

The below is from the article at the above URL:

"....Unless lawmakers find more money for Medicaid, many adult services, like hospice care and mental health care, could be on the chopping block. The state could also reduce reimbursements to physicians who treat Medicaid patients by up to 20 percent, DHHS officials have said.

They say lawmakers publicly pledged to help fill the shortfall in October after it became clear that the agency couldn't make the $356 million in cuts required in the state budget....."


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