Thursday, July 12, 2012

Medicaid Waiver: I talked to the Health Care Attorney: Medicaid Waivers Aggressively Moving Across the US

Well, I talked on the phone to the attorney in Philly who represents clients who have complaints about Medicaid waivers.  He basically said that it is a ploy to un-do Obamacare---an attempt to cut costs as Medicaid rosters increase as the middle class goes increasingly belly-up (the last bit is my take on the matter).  It will continue and accelerate, he stated.

He suggested I research the matter from the perspective of 'medicaid waiver' and 'GAO' and 'Kaiser Foundation.'

And there's not a damn thing to be done about it.

Pennsylvania, in particular, he cited, as having a behavioral health care Medicaid Waiver. So, there is no presumption that this is a discriminatory practice e.g., putting a Medicaid Waiver onto behavioral health care while not doing so re: physical health care.

Amazing, isn't it?

As the moniker for this blog states: "The more things are different, the more they are the same" (translated from the French).

Or to paraphrase the matter, the closer we get to universal/ one-payer health care, the greater will be the push to increase the barriers to such.

Turning NC Medicaid into an HMO is one such strategy.  And they have succeeded.


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