Monday, October 08, 2012

Medicaid Waiver: How to Get Your Authorization Requests thru to Smoky Mountain Center Without Committing Suicide After Trying to Use Their Alpha Software Created by Folks Who Spun out of Piedmont Behavioral Health

Well, so I spent an hour on Saturday afternoon---unpaid work----to try and work w/ the Alpha system that SMC LME-MCO bought from computer IT people who used to work for Piedmont Behavioral Health who started all this Medicaid Waiver business.  They spun out of there and reportedly created this Alpha software for SMC LME-MCO and many other LME's in NC.

I can't make the Authorization (SAR: Service Authorization Request) part of it work.  I can't get the thing to save information.  I tried it on my home computer; then I thought, well maybe my Charter connection (fastest in the US! dontchaknow, according to TV commercials) isn't so fast here at home, so I went over to Kinko's----unpaid work----spent $20 to try and make it work there.  Still wouldn't work.

So, I went to the SMC web site and pulled down a two page SAR and printed it out. 

There was no information about which fax number to send it to, so I sent it to the main/ central office and that's not the right place.  So, I just called up the 586 5501 and asked to speak to the 'Authorization' people and thankfully ended up w/ Fannie who was very helpful. 

She advised me that the correct fax number is: 452 3473 and to address it to Deana Owens.  I will be sending an e mail later today or tomorrow to see if she received the SAR requests, 3 of which are expedited. 

Do NO send the 2 page SAR paper request to the central office.  Fannie could not find out where the expedited authorization request disappeared to that I sent Saturday night.

Do you think that SMC LME-MCO might have put this information where providers could find it? Naw.

They spent all that money on a piece of computer software for which I had 8 hours of unpaid training to try and manipulate---and I can't make it work.  I'm not a nerd but gee whiz, I've done online university teaching and managed a blog and my e mail so give me a break: your software sux, SMC.  Better get a refund from PBH.

Oh, I forgot: those employees worked for PBH, then took their hard-won knowledge and created a private enterprise from their government-based jobs----just like Lanier Cansler, head of NC DHHS until a few months ago, has done twice now. 

Nice work, if you can get it.  Question is: would a morally upright person want to take to the cleaners the tax payers who paid for your job so that you could go out and create private enterprise. 

This sounds suspiciously like a  Bain Capital maneuver.


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