Thursday, April 26, 2007

Senator Nesbitt and Lt Gov Perdue: Tell me what to do with my suicidal/ homicidal client

Senator Nesbitt and Lt Gov Perdue: Please tell me what to do with my homicidal/ suicidal client
Marsha V. Hammond, PhD e mail: cell: 404 964 5338 April 26, 2007

Dear Senator Nesbitt and Lt Governor Beverly Perdue:

I want to briefly relate to you what happened to my client on Tuesday of this week re: (essentially) no more Community Support. I see him again today. Fortunately, he is a Medicaid client. If he were a state funded client, I would simply eat the cost of this necessary second session.

He is 35, w/ a serious (**non-rehabilitateable mental illness: he cannot be fully 'fixed' under the constraints of Odom's medical model imposed on NC citizens**). He takes his meds dutifully. He gets homicidal and suicidal about 1/ yr re: stressors. He is much better than he was 2 yrs ago. He is a big man. I have seen him regularly for 2.5 yrs. He should perhaps go into the hospital but refuses to go (willingly) into a locked ward. If I turned him over to the more acute care ACTT team, he would no longer see me, something he refuses to do (**he cannot have 2 services at once**). If I call the sheriff, he WILL, believe me, take several deputies down in the ensuing fight.

My best option is (read: WAS) to use Community Support (CS). He needs human company such as WAS available IMMEDIATELY via CS. As you have heard from many providers, the company with which I am affiliated is downsizing, like all other CS providers under Mosley edict of 4.24.07 limiting CS and threatening providers with auditing if they use more than 12 hours/ week. More pressingly, under the 4.24.07 edict, there is no immediate move into CS. One has to wait for the paperwork to be processed by Value Options.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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