Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carlotte Observer quotes Easley as indicating that LME's set pay for providers

(my letter submitted to the Charlotte Observer):

Governor Easley is incorrect about mental health providers pay:

Governor Easley has the habit of throwing around information which is so broadly stated that it becomes incorrect. He indicated in an article about one LME Director's enormous pay that the mental health providers are also paid whatever the LME wants to pay them.

In fact, the 2 LME's in Western NC pay mental health providers on the Medicare scale----which is to say, not very well at all. Mental health services, unless they are associated with Behavioral Health, are paid 60% of a fee set at a state and federal level. All insurance companies fees are more or less in that range also.

Martin Nesbitt is correct that DHHS should have been overseeing the LME's more rigorously. Indeed, DHHS, under Hooker Odom, is an agency that not only does not oversee, but has for years sent out conflicting, confusing messages which has been noted by THIS provider in attending LME provider meetings. "

Yes, indeed: as associated with the recent Supreme Court ruling which prevented (mostly) women from suing companies who had for years been paying them differently than their male cohorts (the ruling indicated that a filing had to be made within 180 days of being hired): LET'S FIND OUT WHAT EVERYONE IS MAKING in terms of their salaries.


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