Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TEMPLATE FOR DENIAL OF TAX FUNDED SERVICES: Fed Treatment of New Orleans = DHHS Treatment of Mental Health Providers & Consumers

It seems there is a template utilized by government services in order to circumvent the usage of tax funded services (like mental health services):

Critics Cite Red Tape in Rebuilding of Louisiana


“….the federal government has agreed to pay $2.3 billion so far for rebuilding Louisiana public works like schools, sewers, and politce stations. But so far, only $650 million---28%----of that money has been spent. In Mississippi, only 27% has been spent….

Intricate, inflexible and open-ended, the process seems to value perfect paperwork over speedy resolutions, local officials here say, and requires endless haggling over every acoustic ceiling tile and paper towel dispenser…..

In particular, state and local officials contend that FEMA has routinely underestimated the amount of damage caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita…..

They also say the agency has repeatedly reversed itself, been reluctant to put anything in writing, and has interpreted the rules too narrowly….

City officials still worry that FEMA officials could change their minds and take back money they have obligated….FEMA officials say they have seldom done that, and say they do not understand why state officials keep raising the prospect….”

Last night I tried to upload a Person Centered Plan (PCP) on a state funded client of mine (necessary for authorization to see the client) whom I have been seeing though I am not paid. Client is intermittently suicidal and more so over past several weeks. As associated with authorization, the 15-20 page PCP is uploaded onto the internet-bound BUI system of Smoky Mountain Center LME. Upon entering the two sets of passwords, the BUI system 'locked up' and would not accept the document which means I cannot yet get the authorization for the now thrice submitted PCP. If I have time today I will try and upload it again. This is the 3rd rendering of the PCP much like, 'endless haggling over every acoustic ceiling tile and paper towel dispenser…..'

Yesterday, I utilized 3 phones in my household in order to try and get through the stated Medicare Provider number (866 520 4007), calling repeatedly over the course of 45 minutes. Then at 3:40, the message at Medicare/ NC CMS simply stated that the assistance was 'temporarily unavailable.' The office was not closed; it was simply 'unavailable.'



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