Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DHHS: incompetent to the core

Like I said: DHHS appears incapable of handling mental health reform.

They have effectively defunded Community Support Services (which includes emergency services); they have 2/ 4 NC state public/ main psychiatric hospitals under investigation (Broughton Hospital; Cherry Hospital); and, three of the key people, for better of for worse, have left (plugging into mutually back-scratching jobs: Allen Dobson; Hooker Odom; Mark Benton).

And now we hear that the director of Cherry Hospital is a physician whom, quite some time in the past, 'took indecent liberties with a child.' If this is true (we would like for the journalists to let us know some more details), you can bet that this physician worked hard to diminish the charge and that a less well funded person might have been put away. The details of that case would be a real eye-opener, I bet.

"Owens (Medical Director of Cherry Hospital; eastern NC mental health hospital) has a 1989 conviction for taking indecent liberties with a child." From WITN-TV, Eastern NC:
Cherry Hospital Doctor Reassigned


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