Sunday, August 05, 2007

PROVIDERS MISGUIDED AND THEN GIGGED: Back Channel deals cut by Western Highlands LME?

When I called Smoky Mountain Center LME about a week ago in order to obtain some information about what I needed, or not, to submit to the LME pertaining to a new client receiving Community Support services----Mo-----(I don't want to embarrass people; I just want accurate information) told me I didn't need to submit anything to the LME. So, I began providing services to the client. Then, when I called back to the manager of the ACCESS Center a few days later (as I have learned who seems to know what they are talking about who does not), the supervisor of the ACCESS center was startled to find out what the other person had told me. Indeed: she indicated to me that I needed to submit some information and that the client's mother had to call in for a screening. Is the agency I am affiliated with going to be paid for the work that occurred after the 1st person's information---an employee of the ACCESS Center? Or are we going to be gigged? Is it any surprise that providers are collapsing?

Then I tried to utilize the Smoky Mountain Center BUI system, an 'extranet' system associated with obtaining authorization and billing for state funded consumers. The password works (after 2 conversations back and forth w/ IT). When you pull up the BUI page (the deadline is a few days from now in terms of putting through paperwork for these clients), it indicates that 'this might take a few minutes.' Both my computers are 'compatible' with the BUI system and so what in the world is going on? I let both computers sit for over 15 minutes in order to 'take a few minutes.'

I would like to know what kind of 'assistance' Appalachian Counseling and Alpha-Omega are to receive courtesy of Western Highlands. Moreover, I would like to know if other agencies who serve this population can be advantaged 'assistance.' Interesting back channel 'deals' taking place, it appears. Marsha V. Hammond, PhD,
associated article on Western Highlands 'assistance' to 2 Provider Agencies in Western NC

Mental health provider to close
published July 23, 2007 12:15 am
ASHEVILLE — The fragile mental health services network in the region is showing signs of unraveling as providers struggle to stay afloat.
One of the smaller providers that stepped up to take on new clients last year when New Vistas/Mountain Laurel closed also will close next month.
Horizon Recovery on Patton Avenue will close Aug. 9, when its contract with Western Highlands expires......
Two other providers, Appalachian Counseling and Alpha-Omega Health, will receive money from Western Highlands......
Appalachian and Alpha-Omega are not in danger of closing, Carder said, but the agency will provide some financial help to them...."


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