Friday, June 08, 2007

Cuts in Community Support beginning: Adult MH, in particular, affected; Contracts and MH delivery

I was talking to a major Endorsed Provider of children's services in Haywood county. That company is set up such that it has a contract with the county school system in order to provide services for behavior-problem kids (who have DSM diagnoses, quite probably: these are therefore Medicaid children, for the most part).

Carry-over as associated with CS (Community Support) will move over into the home. When in school, the children are pulled out of the classroom in order to obtain services---something that seemed to make sense to that provider re: the fact that they would have been experiencing behavioral difficulties anyway. In other words, the CS workers are there, in the school, and the reason they are able to be there is associated with this contract. So, it is assured money, from what I understand, that has created stability for this company.

It seems to me that contracted services might very well be the way to go. Smoky MOuntain Center LME contracted state funded MH client services to Meridian Behavioral Health more than a year ago. This has made it next to impossible for state funded clients (adults, for the most part; children can obtain Medicaid) to receive anything other than the group services which are cohort run. That's a contract that to my mind, does not look as useful as the first matter.

More on the news services coverage of what the cutting in $$$ means to MH across NC:

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist
NC Mental Health Reform blogsite:

1. Hooker Odom’s DHHS created ‘Service Definitions’ which are engraved-in-stone guides to Mental Health Services . The Service Definition associated with Community Support (CS) stated NOTHING about CS providers being master’s degree practitioners. There were no non-high school graduates acting in such roles.

2. Emergency Services have been cut (& bear in mind that CS services are emergency services also re: contact w/ clients being available 24/7). At the same time that psychiatric beds have significantly been cut and hospitals have been closed or are about to be closed (Dix), there is also a cut in these emergency services.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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