Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DHHS paperwork created by incompetents: no services by default: ANYONE SEEN KARL ROVE?

Marsha Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist

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July 19, 2007

RE: non usability of forms necessary for clients to receive services


I want to illustrate just what practitioners have to put up with on a regular basis from DHHS. By that I mean every time you interface with DHHS. This is not unusual.

Not only do they change the forms, willy-nilly, for no apparent good reason other than they have re-invented, yet again, a concept associated with paperwork pertaining to the care of clients, but their methods and forms do not work. I cannot begin to describe how exasperating it is to work with DHHS and by default, the LME's.

When the reporters write about the clinicians who do not seem to want to see indigent clients, be sure and include these kinds of difficulties and see just how many business people would put up with this.

Take for example this form, the PCP short form. This must be submitted if a client is to receive Community Support Services and some other Medicaid services. When you open the form, you can fill in the first page of information at the top e.g., the name, Medicaid number, etc. But then if you proceed to pages 3,4,5, you cannot 'open' the top of the document which means that you have to hand-write the information which one might assume is unacceptable to DHHS.

Yes, this is the level of problems at this agency. Not only do they constantly change the forms, but they are incompetent at creating them.

I guess I am resigned to embarassing them in front of the citizens in order to get something done.


marsha hammond, phd

Go ahead: try it for yourself. Try to put anyone's name at the top of page 3,4,5. yes, I know: you'd think it wouldn't matter, that you don't have to type it in. You'd be wrong.


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