Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sitting for portraits while Central Reg.Hospital endangers employees & patients lives due to poorly designed hospital

I'm beginning to suspect that the reason that the NC Psychological Association won't comment on mental health reform is because some of their 'leading lights' are critical, key people associated with the state hospitals.

Portrait won't grace hospital

"In a rebuke to director Patsy Christian, (DHHS chief Dempsey Benton says no to her canvas and to the state's paying for it"

Biesecker's article indicates that there is to be a State Board of Investigation regarding Dr. Christian's use of public $$ to pay for a deeply discounted portrait, to hang in the foyer of the new Central Regional Hospital.

Admirable, Mr. Benton, this whopping savings of $500: but what about the premature opening of the hospital? The employees and the psychiatrists are against it; the NC Psychological Association sits on its hands (Osberg is a member of NCPA).

It plays well in the papers, I know.

Christian is not listed in the US News & Report (see below, Items) as Director of Dix, but rather Osberg is listserv as Director.

In the May 30, 2008 letter (see below, Items) from Wolfe, Champion, and Rumer who are elected officers of the Dorothea Dix Hospital Psychological Staff, Osberg is listed alongside Christian as a Director of Dix Hospital.

Osberg is a psychologist who is licensed in NC. He is also a member of the NC Psychological Association. (see below, Items)

Christian is not listed as a psychologist or a member of NCPsychological Association.

Dempsey Benton nixed the payment, though small it was at just over $500 (discount from an employee, it seems; psychologists are warned about bartering but since she isn't a NC licensed psychologist, I guess this won't stick to her).

And Mr. Benton was not on board when the Central Regional Hospital was in the designing stages.

But if you know anything about heavy-duty psychiatric hospitals, and how every thing is always locked up and down, then you will find yourself laughing or maybe crying at the ludicrousness of the Freelon architectural firm's design wherein the employees have to either run through the forensic unit, where the murderers stay, in order to get from the Adult to the Child unit---should you be called to assist when a patient is out of control, or you key out, run outside of the building, key back in, in order to move from one part of the hospital to the next. See the architectural rendering of the hospital here:

Heckuva job, Govna.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Registered Dem

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Item 4: architectural rendering of Central Regional Hospital:


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