Monday, July 21, 2008

NC DHHS continues to constantly change paperwork requirements which is CREATING A BARRIER TO MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES

Good News Everyone! (the last time I said this, on a mental health listserv, I was thrown off...seems they don't watch Futurama.)

When Professor Farnsworth says, "Good News Everhyone!", it means that basically very bad news is coming your way.

From Western Highlands Network LME (all the other LME's have to use the same paperwork):


Utilization Management News

We are asking Providers to implement the use of the new STR, and the new LME Consumer Admission and Discharge Form (LCAD). The Division introduced these in mid-June. The LCAD should be used whenever you admit or discharge consumers to begin or end an episode of care. Please use only these forms after 7/18/08. Please complete them in full, as much of the information is transmitted to the Client Data Warehouse (CDW) and will not be accepted when incomplete. After 7/18/08 we will no longer accept the PCP Admission Form.

Consumer Consent and Transfer Forms

Also note on the website that the WHN Consumer Consent and Transfer Form has been updated to the WHN Assignment of Case Responsibility/1st Responder Form. This form should be in exclusive use by July 30, 2008. After 7/31/08 we will no longer accept the WHN Consumer Consent and Transfer Form.

We will also be updating the Utilization Review Forms on the WHN website this week. Please transition your practice to the use of the new forms no later than August 15, 2008. After 8/15/08 we will no longer accept the old UR forms.


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