Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Merely the patina of providing MH care: NC DHHS requires private companies training ONLY on HOW TO FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK CORRECTLY

I encountered a matter associated w/ a Community Support Services worker this evening when I saw a client of mine in Hendersonville, NC. She advised me that the CSS worker had talked about issues unique to her w/ another client whom we both know. They share a common group home; it would be easy to do.

The client was understandably perturbed that her privacy and confidential information had been violated and shared.

This matter might be termed to be associated with professional training, something you learned under supervision, in school, or somewhere along the way. It has to do w/ the limits of confidentiality, an ethical code, boundaries, what you share and what you do not.

Well, the CSS worker would not have learned it from any of the NC DHHS trainings.

It is sickening what is taking place here, what kind of shenanigans are being foisted upon NC citizens who think that surely there must be something useful that is taking place here, re: NC Mental Health Reform....all that training and how Dempsey Benton surely is pulling things together...how they're so much improved....

And as per the demand by NC DHHS, the Endorsed Provider companies are so busy mandating their employees to go to CPR training, CSS Service Definition trainings, Mobile Crisis Management, how to write the Person Centered Plan, Intensive In-Home Services, Diagnostic Assessment, Targeted Case Management, Crisis Planning and Management-----that there is no time to consider just WHAT is being done from a therapeutic standpoint.

NC DHHS attempts to throw a red herring onto their web page which outlines all that lovely training w/ this statement:


"These trainers hold at least a Master's degree in a Human Services field, at least 3 years direct clinical experience with MH/DD/SA populations, and at least 3 years professional experience in the health and human services field as a trainer of adult learners. They also completed a Division-recognized "training-of-trainers" model in the service definition for which they were qualified."

Doesn't matter. They're not talking about clinical issues; they are only talking about how the paperwork is to be presented, what buzz words to use, how many hours of this can be done, where this fits in.....

The training---ALL OF IT----is only about HOW THE PAPERWORK LOOKS.

NC Mental Health Reform has utterly, utterly failed under Hooker Odom and this continues under Dempsey Benton, a non mental health person.

The mandatory 20 + hours/ year of CSS training is ONLY associated with filling out the paperwork correctly.

No one except those who are forced to sit through the mandatory NC DHHS 'trainings' understands that the training has nothing to do w/ the level of care.


MOREOVER, the training has not been revised in 2 years as associated w/ Community Support Services, though there have been massive changes to what is allowable.


Blogger BLAH said...

This is SO true. It seems as if the only concern in facilities...after trainings... is to get the paperwork "correct" (which is a guessing game at best and a feat in itself since there are no standards/concrete definitions for anyone to truly follow) to avoid paybacks.

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