Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be They Democrats or Republicans, Privatization w/ no funding, Will Collapse Any State's MH Services

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Mental health system may cut back, privatize
Amid budget pain, state weighs hospitals’ future

(My letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution)


Be they Dems or Republicans, Mental Health Privatization Does Not Work

I read with dismay the information concerning a desire to privatize some of the mental health services in GA. I was formerly licensed as a psychologist in GA.

This privatization won't work. Funding is what works. Privatization is a red herring that, in the beginning, seems to be an inspiration.

NC has been undergoing MH Reform for the past 7 years under Democratic Governor Easley. The problem is the same as in GA: the state legislature refused to fund the matter.

All this talk about taking mental health services into the community also will not work and for the same reason: it won't be funded.

People magically believe that somehow privatization has some way of acting more efficiently. It doesn't----not as regards intensive, professionally driven services.

The providing of mental health services is not about making a better, cheaper burger.

Fund it, GA (right at the bottom of MH funding) or expect a decade of (more) collapsing MH services.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Clinical Licensed Psychologist, NC


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