Friday, October 31, 2008

What NOW from the Haywood Cnty Comm & SMC LME re: some new company to take over direct mental health care services?

"...The unsuccessful journey has now made a full circle, and the system will basically be returned to the way it was..."

MY WORD, what a statement.

If you fold two recent articles together, what you come up with is that SMC LME is intending to create ANOTHER 'shadow' company (as is Meridian Behavioral Health a shadow company associated w/ the LME, having spun off via Joe Ferraro, former SMC administrator, and Tom McDevitt, about to be the former Director of SMC LME.)



Article one, FINALLY explaining Tom McDevitt's 'operation' as associated with having created Meridian Behavioral Health as Joe Ferraro spun out of SMC when it was morphing into an LME: (GEE, Tom: if we'd have known about what your intentions and plans were, many of us providers would not have bothered to drive all the way to Sylva in order to sit through useless Provider meetings for all those years, with you pretending to create a mental health provider network when in fact you were sending all the state funded clients to Meridian and THAT is why the Utilization Review Department and Clinical Direct Steve Puckett, PhD, refused to allow state funded clients----other than those that were held by Meridian----to get services---using the excuse that 'all outpatient services must fall under Community Support Services----which was constantly being defunded).....:


Mental health reform fails to empower
New mental health system wasting taxpayers’ money
By Quentin Ellison:

(cut and paste):

"To avert a total crisis, McDevitt said that a spin-off nonprofit organization – then Mountain Area Support Services, today called Meridian – was formed. Ferrara became chief executive officer of that group, while McDevitt stayed with Smoky Mountain..... “We basically split Smoky into two different organizations, with quality leadership and quality board members,” McDevitt said...."


Article 2: Mental health reforms are on the way

Vicki Hyatt - Editor

"....The unsuccessful journey has now made a full circle, and the system will basically be returned to the way it was.

During a work session last week, Haywood County commissioners met with representatives from the Smoky Mountain Center to learn more about the coming changes. At stake is the status of Medicaid reimbursement funds, which will no longer be given to a third-party contractor as of September 2009, and instead will be provided directly to the local management entities.

The switch means SMC must get out of the business of providing direct services, such as operating the crisis management unit at the Balsam Center in Waynesville.

One option for a new model provides a way the transition can be relatively seamless and use basically the same health care providers that are now in place within the community.

Under the new structure, Haywood County leaders are faced with the choice of forming a new agency operating in the seven western-most counties to handle mental health services or contracting with a separate entity to address the needs. A third choice is to continue the present system and refuse the state funding available to implement the new required system, but Steve Puckett, with Smoky Mountain Health, told commissioners that was not a feasible option. ..."

Here is the comment I wrote to Ms. Hyatt, the author of Article no 2:

"Ms. Hyatt: I know this arena pretty well but most everything in your article seems to be referring to some clandestine activity for which SMC LME is already well known for in terms of not speaking directly to what they have planned. Who is the company that you are alluding to?

You stated, Ms. Hyatt:"...While no decisions can be made at a work session, county leaders generally expressed support for forming the new organization, which would be governed by a board of directors separate from the board now overseeing operations at the Smoky Mountain Center...."

WHAT is the name of the company and WHO is organizing it?

Thanks for your response.


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