Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Perdue picks a lobbyist who just made $265 million for his Medicaid-oriented company as NC DHHS Secretary of State : HEAD FOR THE EXITS

The guy that Perdue just appointed as Secretary of the Department of Human Services is a considerably WORSE CHOICE THAN EVEN DEMPSEY BENTON WHO HAD NO MENTAL HEALTH EXPERIENCE.

So, here we have a lobbyist, who used to hang out as a deputy for a few years in the NC DHHS, who revolving door, flipped out into the private industry----making use of his connections coming from that direction-----who just made $265 million for a company that processes Medicaid claims and is going to be the NC Secretary of Health & Human Services which PROCESSES authorizations for Medicaid?

The Charlotte Observer termed Cansler to be, "a serious student of public policy." We don't need a 'student'; we need a seasoned mental health provider w/ a 'serious interest' in accounting & business.

The company for which he IS working for-----if 'this week' can be termed to be current-----just won a massive amount of money to process Medicaid claims. "Lanier Cansler, a former deputy secretary at DHHS and a former state legislator, is a registered lobbyist for CSC, according to the N.C. Secretary of State's office. ...The state has awarded one of its biggest service contracts to Computer Sciences Corp., a Virginia-based company that bid $265.2 million to build and operate a computer system to pay Medicaid claims...."

Bravo, Perdue. This is why this Registered Dem voted for the Republican candidate for governor. You indicated you had 'vetted' him as associated w/ mental health advocates. I guess you forgot to ask about what he was up to THIS WEEK.

Recall the governor.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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