Thursday, March 12, 2009

NC DHHS transferred their own inefficiency when they created mental health reform: workers go thru medication training 4 no reason

Remember that NAMI report that came out yesterday giving NC's mental health system a D?

One of the domains surveyed had to do with this:

Financing & Core Treatment/Recovery Services: C 45% of Total Grade :A variety of financing measures, such as whether Medicaid reimburses providers for all, or part of evidence-based practices; and more.

I'd give NC a "D", NAMI. You are not looking at the mess that the providers have to deal with.

None of the trainings that Endorsed Provider companies are demanded to create and attend are reimburseable. NONE OF THEM.

This, in fact, was the reason that I was not able to work with state funded clients----as a clinician-----as per Smoky Mountain Center LME. I was not willing to sit thru hours and hours of unpaid, unnecessary training in order to do what my license states I can do. They would not budge.

Hours and hours every year Endorsed Provider company employees (the private companies: privatization is supposed to be more efficient...remember?) sit thru trainings that are non reimburseable as associated with the demands of NC DHHS and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation. The Endorsed Provider companies have no choice about this; this is DEMANDED by NC DHHS.

The owners of the companies don't get reimbursed; the workers get paid minimum wage in order to drive hours in order to obtain the trainings.

Basically, when NC Mental Health Reform was created, there was some kind of magical thinking that somehow the business models which were in existence, specifically, the heavily beauracratic model of NC DHHS, would surely somehow work for smaller companies which were supposed to be competitive. Right?

Wrong. You can't take a business model associated with a heavily beauracratic entity and create a competitive company that can stay alive.

Go ahead: let's review yet again why it is that Endorsed Provider mental health companies are collapsing.

NC DHHS, when it assisted the NC State Legislature in creating mental health reform in conjunction with the NC State Legislature, could have utilized business models which are associated with efficiency. Instead, this massive NC beaurocracy transferred----in lump sum----ALL of its inefficiency to the Endorsed Provider companies which is bit by bit taking them all down.You should have entertained a different business model----as in PRIVATE----business model, NC DHHS and NC State Legislature.


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