Friday, March 06, 2009

Central Hospital: maybe they should remove the 'how to hang yourself' call button cord, telephone cord, and other cord on the wall

Who in the world is running these hospitals for people who are suicidal? Do we need to have a 'training session' for NC DHHS?

What's with the 'how to hang yourself' cords in the pic? When I have clients in Copestone, part of Mission Hospital in Asheville, if they are suicidal,the rooms are clean except for a bed. Even the vent hole is blocked off with heavy mesh screwed in heavy-duty style. And the staff checks on them very regularly. So, the pic has a call button 'hang yourself' cord. Another hang yourself cord plugged into the panel at the head of the bed. And a phone cord. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at that scene and think: gee, they could wrap any of those cords around their necks, hang off the bed or the kickaway bedside table.

They don't check on people there? Amazing.

Its not the employees fault (gotta fire those bad apple employees!) that there are 3 cords in the picture which could be used to hang yourself----not to mention the bedside table you can kick away as you get strangled by the phone cord.

Its the heads of NC DHHS and in particular whoever is the head administrator that should be fired.

I can't get the pic to transfer; if its accurate, then its unbelieveable.


North Carolina's new mental hospital in Butner again faces the loss of Medicaid and Medicare funding unless problems are fixed after a patient's suicide attempt.

The state Department of Health and Human Services said Friday federal inspectors visiting Central Regional Hospital this week will recommend putting the hospital on notice of immediate jeopardy. That means the hospital could lose patient funds unless the hospital submits a corrective plan and passes a re-inspection before March 28.

The suicide attempt occurred Feb. 26 and the state reported the incident to regulators.

Department spokesman Mark Van Sciver said two workers were punished for what happened but have returned to work.

The hospital faced a similar loss of federal funding last month until it passed an inspection."


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