Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Psychotic Resident of WNC Homes Asheville advised by WNC administration not to see Dr. Hammond anymore

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist:

March 3, 2009

re: 3rd formal complaint today filed w/ 1. DSS Buncombe and 2. State Level via NC Division of Health Service Regulation: telephone # for complaints is: 1800 624 3004, press option 4 for Family Homeson as pertaining to ------ Homes, Asheville, NC, address: T--------d Avenue, zip 28801

To Whom It May Concern:

I have a client who is a potentially violent psychotic person who lives in the ------ Homes, Asheville, T--------d Avenue, zip 28801. I have been establishing a good relationship w/ this resident over the past three months and at 7 pm this evening I called the resident about rescheduling our meeting and the first words out of the resident's mouth were: 'the owners don't want me to see you anymore.' Resident invited me to 'call back tomorrow.'

Thus, the rapport I have worked to create as pertaining to a resident w/ violent psychotic musings voiced in therapy sessions has been disrupted----yet again-----by the administration of ---- Homes.

I am filing a formal complaint re: this resident whose initials are ----, address ------ Homes, T-------d Avenue, zip 28801.

It is unethical to manipulate Severe Persistent Mentally Ill people in this manner. The activities of the administration of ----- Homes is endangering the community. This part of Asheville is thick w/ homes and people and the blatant disregard for the health of the resident as well as that of the extended community is being put at risk in my clinical opinion.

As per NC mental health reform, it is the client, not anyone else, that determines the choice of provider. Moreover, mental health providers cannot just be moved around, willy-nilly, with no thought as to the impact of such matters and very obviously ----- Homes, an administration that takes issue with me sitting down w/ residents and penning letters about 'what happened to my money'---that pocket change they get after their disability checks are spent for their room and board----all which have gone unanswered.

I am taking this complaint to Disability Rights NC, Western Highlands Network, DSS Buncombe, and the regulatory agency of the Family Homes, specifically, the chief of that agency, NC Division of Health Service Regulation, Barbara Ryan.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD .
Contacts: Western Highlands Network: Doug Owen: via Donald Reuss:
DSS Buncombe Director: Amanda Stone:
DSS Buncombe: Cheryl Simcox:
Disability Rights NC: Cathy Smith, Buncombe county:; Mellonee Kennedy, attorney, Disability Rights Raleigh:

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD .


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