Monday, March 02, 2009

90,000 Mental health & physically challenged citizens who are wards of the Family Homes : will Disability Rights carry forward Wyatt v Stickney?

Thanks for your e mail back to me, Attorney Annaliese Dolph of Disability Rights, NC.
I did send the e mail I sent to you to Mellonee Kennedy who is an attorney at Disability Rights NC this weekend after speaking briefly to her on Friday afternoon.

I wanted to describe to her as well as you and the other interested attorneys, what I believe to be the clear problematic relationship of NC mental health reform and its intentions in terms of moving out into the community----rather than having clients come to the mental health providers-----and how this policy associated w/ NC Mental Health Reform as outlined by NC DHHS----is butting heads with the intentions of the Family Homes with which I am familiar----not just WNC Homes-----in terms of how they have an agenda to keep their clients from receiving services which are associated with Community Support Services as well as other mental health services.

The Family Homes-----some 90,000 Family Home beds in NC mostly occupied by people with mental health challenges------have an overweening desire and rules or non-spoken fear-creating rules as per their arbitrary application of these rules as per the residents as well as the mental health workers in the community, such as has been described to you as associated with Direct Care LME (an Endorsed Provider company in NC). The background reason for blocking mental health services is in order to 'keep the peace' amongst the residents whom, via Community Support Services, are being asked to upgrade their skills. As the Family Homes block Community Support Services their agenda e.g., 'keeping the peace', serves the purpose of keeping people with mental health challenges in their places which is to say in their Family Homes until they die.

It seems to me that there is a path that was carved via Wyatt v Stickney which created an agenda which caused the release of most of the people in mental hospitals throughout the US some 30 years ago-----a path which led to the creation of the Family Homes-----as the psychiatric hospitals could no longer keep them and yet there was no mechanism such as we have now re: NC mental health reform----in order that they upgrade their skills----which is the agenda of Community Support Services. However, if CSS workers are BLOCKED from being able to work w/ the clients, then the residents are then truly wards of the Family Homes just as they were wards of the mental hospitals prior to Wyatt v Stickney.

Do you see? Here is Wyatt v Stickney:

I have a client who can contact you. I have several, in fact.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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