Thursday, February 05, 2009

Close some Broughton Hospital beds & upgrade mental health services within locally available psychiatric units

Nobody I know----in terms of clients----ever EVER wanted to go back to Broughton.

This hospital's reputation in western NC is such that I have had clients state that they 'would take everyone out before I would go back there.'

I say: CLOSE THE BROUGHTON BEDS (see below article) and use any monies to localize the psychiatric services.

Wanna get double value for your money? Instead of warehousing patients in the psychiatric hospitals where they stare zombie like at the walls and wonder when they can get out or how many group therapy sessions they can avoid, not sleeping because it is so noisy out in the hallways------why don't you have the professional mental health providers come INTO the psychiatric hospitals and begin individual therapy w/ the clients who have been assigned to various mental health professionals.

I commonly go into thte psychiatric hospitals to see clients. Why not? Good to follow up people in this manner.

NAH: won't happen.

In western NC, in the newly opened Haywood Regional Behavioral Health Unit, coming up soon to 16 beds, won't allow any interference with Meridian Behavioral Health Services which was created by Tom McDevitt's side-kick, Joe Ferraro, CEO of Meridian.

Yesterday I saw a long-term client in the home and a relative who had been at Haywood Regional Behavioral Health Unit for almost 3 weeks (a long stay, these days) had tears rolling down cheeks describing continuing depression. The hospital had a great opportunity to create an individual therapy relationship while client was in the hospital.

You'd be surprised at this fact but basically NOTHING takes place in psychiatric hospitals other than medication management and some groups if people choose to show up.

What a helluva missed opportunity. But in order to create what appears to me to be an efficient re-ordering, psychiatric hospitals' administrators will have to change how they think about things : its not WAREHOUSING -----it's TREATMENT.

But I forgot: the mental health professionals haven't been asked their opinion by ANYONE.


Pain management
Budget-cutting specifics lay bare the truth of how the national recession could affect North Carolina state services

"......Consider, for example, that in the Department of Health and Human Services, there are suggestions to eliminate 50 beds at the Broughton and Cherry psychiatric hospitals, saving $6 million. But that would come at a time when the state's mental health system is underserving people and is in a state of management flux, to put it mildly...."


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