Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cansler, new Secretary of NC DHHS, must have 'sold his stake' in Medicaid oriented business, like, LAST WEEK

I don't have---and probably never will have----this kind of money. But in scratching my head, like Peter Falk in Columbo, I want to know, how does someone sell their stake in their business that is making millions of dollars in a week's time?

Where was the news 'hiding'? You mean, perhaps, that Cansler created a contract that allowed him to revolving door style, come BACK to his company when he finishes the job on NC DHHS.

Or maybe its this way: he sold his stake like Dick Cheney 'sold his stake' in Haliburton-----the biggest money profiteer this country has ever seen......

from: this week`s electronic update from NC SPIN:

Heard on the Street
Posted: Thursday, January 8th, 2009
Perdue’s team named

"....The cause of controversy concerning this appointment is because Cansler wasco-owner of a consulting firm that helped negotiate and secure a $265 milliondollar contract with DHHS regarding processing and payment of Medicaid claims.Many worry about conflicts of interest going forward. We talked with theincoming Secretary about this very topic and he is very aware of the concernsabout potential conflicts. He was quite candid in telling us that GovernorPerdue`s team was well aware of everything prior to his being offered theposition. He was quite willing to talk about the subject. His firm was onretainer to help Computer Sciences Corporation and Cansler says there was nobonus or trailing income for the successful award of the contract. He has sincesold his stake in the business and Cansler assured us, as he has everyone whohas asked, that he will do everything humanly possible to ensure the success ofthe contract for the people of the state......

Lanier Cansler is an honorable man and excellent choice to head this highly troubled department. .... "

Really? I thought I just heard the sound of someone's arm being broken as it was twisted over at NC Policy.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer-----ah, maybe that was Perdue's sophisticated strategy.

Sure. That's it.


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