Sunday, January 11, 2009

How has Cansler created 'safe harbor' or invisibility re: his Medicaid oriented companies? : mental health providers want to know

Cansler was in his job as Deputy Secretary of NC DHHS, just under Carmen Hooker Odom (remember her) for 4-5 years, not the previously stated two years, according to this report:


"Cansler is a former DHHS deputy secretary who left his state job in 2005 after four years."

Why is this important? Because it means he was fully invested about the evisceration of NC mental health. He didn't just hang out for a couple of years and then move into the private sphere.


From the Raleigh News Observer: (Note: Cansler, just appointed by Perdue as NC Secretary of DHHS, 'was' a lobbyist for the Virginia based Computer Sciences Corp):

State awards $265m service contract

"The state has awarded one of its biggest service contracts to Computer Sciences Corp., a Virginia-based company that bid $265.2 million to build and operate a computer system to pay Medicaid claims.

The state selected CSC last month over Electronic Data Systems, a Texas company that has had the job since 1977. EDS bid $287.3 million for the work. Hiring a company to build and run a new Medicaid bill-paying system has been a long and contentious process. This is the second time in about four years that the state has tried to find a company to manage its Medicaid claims."

Why is this important?

1. EDS has done a really good job re: reimbursements and I am here to state that as re: being a private provider who interfaces with them. Their computer software, specifically,, works very efficiently. Its easy to navigate and I am paid efficiently. But then, the providers are never asked about what they would like to have happen-----even in the face of a collapsing mental health care reform fiasco.

Also from the Raleigh News Observer, re: Cansler's appointment:

"He started a consulting and lobbying firm, Cansler Fuquay Solutions, and developed a client list that includes work for companies that do business with DHHS."

Why is this important?

1. Who is on the client list?

2. How has he created 'safe harbor', which is a Medicare derived term meant to outline how a public official has 'parked' his or her private interests? This is very much related to conflict of interest. Remember: we all understand that there was something nefarious about how Dick Cheney found 'safe harbor' as he kicked business to Halliburton. He can retire to Wyoming, undoubtedly, a billionaire.

What is Cansler's CURRENT (& you might better take into account his relationship last week since he seems to have done some quick 'which cup is the button under' switching around very recently) status in terms of the board/ as a stockholder/ as having created legal invisibility & safe harbor re:

1. Fuqua Cansler Enterprises
2. Computer Sciences Corporation
3. the client list associated w/ Fuqua Cansler Enterprises.


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