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ALL the monsters fall out of APA's closet: Insider reveals gameset behind APA supporting psychologists mapping torture creating mental health problems

comments on Bryant Welch's (heavy hitter in the American Psychological Association for over two decades until he recently resigned re: APA's continued manipulation of making it OK for psychologists to be the 'go to' people to map out how to torture people and make them mentally ill.

This article as associated w/ his resignation from APA. The article & comments are like opening the closet door and all the monsters pop out and its scarier than the mother of all horror movies, The Exorcist.

Man alive: with colleagues like this, who needs enemies?

Extended comments on the fluff as re: the NC Psychological Association. (yes, I am currently a member of NCPA)

This year's APA should be a revolutionary meeting in Toronto:

Bryant Welch:

Torture, Psychology, and Daniel Inouye: The True Story Behind Psychology's Role in Torture

"The result was that much of the activity of the APA Council of Representatives, the legislative group with ultimate authority in the APA governance, turned away from substantive matters into an odd system of fawning over one another. Many members appeared to simply bathe in the good feeling that came from "working together." The bath was characterized by grandiose self-referents and shared lofty opinions of one another. As it became more and more detached from reality, the organizational dysfunction became more pronounced, but this was ignored and obscured by the self-congratulatory organizational style."

Welch got his article into The Huffington Post:

and these are a particularly vivid set of comments to Welch article:

".....Psychologists are not---should not be---guardians of the status quo, but, on the other hand, they do have to help people "adjust to reality." The modern therapies, cognitive, reality-based, behavioral, all have as their starting point, "reality," and all seem to view the creative process of inventing oneself, following one's instincts, as irrelevant, a sign of pathology. Cognitive therapy is part and parcel of the growing concreteness and shallowness of the American mind and it is no wonder that the APA, which endorses it, has drifted into collusion with Bush.
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Yes, that reflects my observation of the profession over the last 20 years.

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I blame the rise and popularity of CBT on the HMO / PPO culture of US healthcare. CBT is proven in study after study to provide fast, lasting results in the treatment of specific behavioral issues. Insurance companies like this because it is cheap. However, the approach almost completely ignores the complexity and interconnectedness of the human psyche. CBT is great for treating phobias, substance abuse, anger outbursts... its great for treating behavior, but it does not address the underlying issues that motivated the behavior in the first place. And you're very correct in saying that it contributes to a culture of rigid behavioral "standards" that in the end are not particularly realistic or helpful.
Case in point re: NC Psychological Association whopopee! polly-anna attitude which is reflected in every single newsletter: everything is great! there's no problems w/ NC mental health reform! Just positively think yourself out of your troubles! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Let's hand out some more awards!

NC Psychologist May/ June 2009

lead story:
National Award Winners—Dr. Antonio Puente, left, poses with APA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Norman Anderson just before receiving the APA 2009 State Leadership Award. Both Dr. Puente and Dr. Anderson are NCPA members. Rep. Martha Alexander from Charlotte received the 2009 Legislator of the Year Award from APA.Story and more photos
story from NCPA current president: FROM THE PRESIDENT Annete Perot , Ph.D. : NCPA leadership: the easiest job you'll ever love!
another article: NC Wins Three National Awards!
another article: Investing in the Future of Psychology!
another article: NCPF President's Award!
whoopee! Earn 25 NCPA bucks for recruiting a new member!
another article: Online Disaster Training! (you aren't paid for this work, I assume; its because we're such swell people that we give it away)
a little note & my very favorite: The DIPP Directory (Madame Defarge made an unwholesome comment on that some time ago:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

NC Psychological Association: a hit dog yelps

June 5, 2008Dear NCPA/ Sally Cameron, Executive Director of NCPsychological Association:...... You told me, via e mail, that the Public Sector psychologists were 'busy people.' A hit dog yelps and NCPA appears to be trying to defend its non-assistance to NC psychologists and by default, NC citizens needing mental health care. There are other psychologists on this listserv who also back channel criticize NCPA.

You stated, Sally: "DIPP’s role within NCPA is to work on issues related to the private practice of psychology including problems with reimbursement, managed care, the State Health Plan, and other practice issues including risk management and practice management. Because NCPA is not a single issue organization, DIPP has taken very little action regarding MH reform, allowing the Public Sector Committee, Legislative Committee and other committees to address this important issue. "

1. The 'other' committee within NCPA, specifically, the Public Sector Committee, has never answered any of my e mails re: reimbursement/ public sector e.g., Medicare, Medicaid issues.

No one ever directed me to the Legislative Committee and I have no hope that they would be any more helpful that DIPP or Public Sector Committee members.2. If NCPA has been working with matters associated with mental health reform, then why are the most basic matters not addressed?................
**********************************************************************************************DIPP another article from the latest NCPA newsletter:

Four Parities in Search of Implementation!: "You could say that the straightforward part is accomplished. Now to work on the sequels. 2007 was a great year for the Mental Health of North Carolina citizens.! (nevermind that BCBSNC, insuring over 50% of people w/ health insurance in NC was allowed to OPT OUT of mental health parity; BCBSNC is 'overseen' by the NC STate Legislature: (continuing):

'Parity is the legislative ratification of a truth we have been promulgating for many years—that psyche and soma are one and need to be thought of and treated as one.'!


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