Thursday, October 29, 2009

MEDICARE:CIGNA Government Services Does not List the 80% Hlth & Behavior Codes But They Do Pay Them

Just a heads up to people: CIGNA Government services, carrier for medicare in NC; TN; ID does not list on its CD that they send you in the mail, the Health & Behavior codes which pay at the 80% medical rate. However, they pay me for it. Even Humana pays me for the H & B codes tho there is no forthcoming information that they will honor these. Caveat: w/ Humana, send all your notes in w/ your CMS 1500 forms or they will balk at paying you.

I was just looking thru the '2009 North Carolina Medicare Clinical Psychologist Fee' and the H & B codes are not there there and that means that psychologists will not be alerted to use it. Interestingly, 90801 is not subject, according to this memo, to 62.5% mental health rate.

These CPT codes also are not subject to 62.5% mental health rate according to that CIGNA bulletin:

90802 96101 96102 96103 96105 96110 96111 96116 96118 96119 96120 96125


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