Monday, June 29, 2009

Western Highlands Network LME creates walk-in crisis clinic on Patton Avenue, Asheville 4 mental health needs

First thing I've seen done right in a very long time:

Western Highlands Network LME (WHN) is developing Crisis Walk-In capacity in several areas of the WHN catchment area. The first to open is Western North Carolina Community Health Services, known locally as WNCCHS in Buncombe County at 264 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC, 28806, 828- 285-0622. As other Crisis Walk-In Centers develop in the WHN catchment area, these will be added to Access the Crisis Continuum document on the WHN website.

Western North Carolina Community Health Services (WNCCHS) operating hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (except on designated State or Federal holidays).

WNCCHS provides psychiatric assessments and stabilization for unassigned consumers discharged from a state hospital or ADATC until their appointment with a primary mental health provider has occurred as well as documentation/follow-up of consumers on Outpatient Commitment for consumers who are activated to WNCCHS and on Outpatient Commitment.

WNCCHS accepts emergent (2 hours) or urgent (48 hours) referrals from a Hospital Emergency Department for unassigned consumers in need of an immediate assessment, MD contact and/or stabilization services. WNCCHS provides assessment and stabilization of urgent referrals from WHN for consumers in need of an immediate assessment, MD contact and/or stabilization services. These referrals may include any consumer, assigned or unassigned, who is deemed by WHN as in need of services because routine care is not available or not adequate to meet the consumer’s needs. WNCCHS provides follow up services as necessary until the consumer has been engaged with their primary mental health provider.

WNCCHS provides crisis walk-in services to urgent and emergent consumers in Buncombe County to include; psychiatric assessment and stabilization interventions. WNCCHS works closely with Mobile Crisis Management (MCM) services and the designated facility transition providers to assure consumers can access and maintain services; medication management; and consumer referral to an appropriate behavioral health provider if unassigned.

WNCCHS refers consumers in need of involuntary commitment to the nearest Hospital Emergency Department, Mobile Crisis Management provider, or law enforcement as deemed necessary by WHN. WNCCHS will assess consumers to determine if the consumer condition may warrant diversion from a psychiatric inpatient admission and will use MCM services to attempt all diversions from psychiatric inpatient admissions where possible.

Providers who wish to access medical/psychiatric services for consumers must contract directly with WNCCHS and not refer consumers through WHN Access Unit. WNCCHS expects all providers with assigned consumers to call ahead and NOT SEND consumers without prior telephone consultation about issues and/or consumer’s condition. Providers should use 1st Responders and MCM services prior to contact with WNCCHS. If WNCCHS agrees to see a consumer assigned to a provider, WNCCHS will provide relevant clinical information to the provider’s attending physician and/or case responsible provider staff, so continuity of care is maintained throughout treatment.

For unassigned consumers who walk-in, follow-up care will be arranged by WHN Access Unit staff.

WNCCHS may provide services for Buncombe County unassigned consumers who are solely in need of psychiatric medications, as well as those unassigned consumers who are eligible for Basic Benefit and are appropriate for WHNCCHS’ services.

WNCCHS is not to be used for consumers who need long-term, enhanced services. Consumers needing these services are best served by WHN providers who offer Enhanced Benefits.
Please note that the Procedure for Accessing the Crisis Continuum of Care document at
has been updated with the WNCCHS' information as well as the list for how to handle diversions for person with ID/DD (Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities) and co-occurring Mental Health (MI) issues on page 14 of the same document.


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I just wanted to say thank you for following and making sense of all of this... I'm a counselor and often feel so lost in the forest of... can't think of a word but stay perplexed. Blessings :)

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