Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another complaint filed on WNC Homes re: disabled client w/ mental health issues: he is being HOUNDED from his home

I filed yet another round of complaints today w/ DHSR. They reportedly regulate Family Care Homes. They reportedly are 'investigating' WNC Homes re: my previous complaints.

WNC Homes appears to be trying to HOUND one of my clients from his home because he refuses to stop working w/ me and the company providing Community Support Services (CSS).

This is what has taken place over the past six months:

1. he has been told he has to go to Psychosocial Rehabilitation at 'Health Care Solutions' where he must sit for hours in a group therapy format. He has a head injury; he cannot remember things associated w/ this kind of contact/ therapy/ mental health services. This was never recommended by this psychologist in the client's Person Centered Plan which is the guideline for Medicaid services. Thus, Medicaid services are being rendered without approval by Western Highlands Network LME in accord with his Person Centered Plan which is signed off by the professional, namely, this psychologist.

2. in January, 2009, I was threatened with arrest & the Buncombe County Sheriff escorted me off the property of the Family Care Home as I sat and rendered therapy to the client at 1840 one evening, with Jeff Clifton, the administrator for WNC Homes, telling me I could never come back on the property.

3. The SIC of the house, reportedly threw away the client's dentures. He now has no template for his dentures and has been refused services by a Medicaid dentist as associated with an appointment procured for him by the Family Care Home.

4. The SIC of the house, refused the client an additional cheese sandwich on Saturday, June 20, for lunch, stating that the 'other bread is frozen.'

5. The SIC, and the WNC administration, is threatening the client---who is becoming more and more angry about his treatment-----with eviction. According to Family Homes Law, administrations can pretty much do what they want and push the client out.

6. The client did not receive a $250 'stimulus check' which was sent out to disabled clients receiving SSI or SSDI, though every other person in the house received a check with which to purchase clothes. Additionally, as per CSS workers, all the receipts are being demanded of clothes purchases and any remaining money will be intermixed with the funds of the administration.

7. The client is being harassed by the administration.

I guess DHSR will just keep investigating. And I will just keep writing up complaints and logging them on this web page.


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