Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NC Senator Kay Hagen is opposed to Public Option/ Medicare accessibility: affects mental health also

Some people might think that not having access to Medicare does not affect mental health but you'd be dead wrong.

What does Medicare do that is useful?

*provides for expanded CPT billing by Mental health care providers (Humana, sneaking around and re-naming itself, it appears, as 'Lifesynch', only pays for 90806 or 45-50 minutes of psychotherapy: the problem with this is that interaction w/ medical providers for the many mental health clients who have impacting physical illnesses is not billable)

*does not ask for all the session notes (yes, Willis, Humana does that and will ask for their money back if you do not send in those confidential notes)

*Medicare has an efficient administrative system in place as well as electronic billing (Humana, for instance does not).

*Medicare automatically wraps around to Medicaid if the client is dually eligible; Medicare also wraps around to AARP's complementary insurance (Humana does not)

Yet, here is the DEMOCRATIC party senator Kay Hagen who is in a key position on the Seante Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee who is opposing the public option which would allow people to opt for Medicare.

Here is some information sent via Democratic Party channels: Local Announcement List.

".....Sen. Ted Kennedy is being treated for cancer so he cannot vote on health care bills before the committee he chairs, the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee.
That makes Sen. Kay Hagan's vote crucial. But she secretly OPPOSES the public option that Sen. Kennedy and President Obama are working so hard to pass. She is so ashamed she won't even admit it publicly.

Call Sen. Hagan's offices with a simple message:

Support a Full Public Option - Medicare For Anyone.

DC 202-224-6342, Greensboro 336-333-5311, Raleigh 919-856-4630.

Be sure to provide your North Carolina voting address."


Blogger Don Powell said...

I just sent an email to Sen Hagan via another route which is too difficult to re-use. In it I berated the good senator for voting YES on the Health Care Bill, thinking that she was a Repubilcan. Where was my head located? Sorry for the blunder but I meant every word of me email. I hope this comment can be coodinated with the email I just sent on another vehicle.

5:30 PM  

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