Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to get the public financial records of the LME which oversees mental health care for your multi-county area

Hi Ms. Slusher, Finance Officer of Smoky Mountain Center LME:

I asked you for this:

June 13, 2009

>Hello Ms. Sutton:>>What is the procedure for requesting under FOIA, if necessary, the>following public document?: Public Document of Smoky Mountain Center>LME>"Line Item General Ledger" for 2008."

You stated this:

"Hi Marsha, As the Finance Officer at Smoky Mountain Center, I would be>able to collect any financial information requested of Smoky Mountain>Center. Providing line item detail would be hard to interpret and would>potentially lend itself to being misinterpreted by the reader.>>If you can me a little more specific on what information you are>requesting, we will be glad to gather and provide.>>Sincerely,>>Lisa D. Slusher, BS>Finance Officer>Smoky Mountain Center>828-586-5501 x1216

I am stating this to that:

"Chapter 132.Public Records.§ 132-1. "Public records" defined.(a) "Public record" or "public records" shall mean all documents, papers, letters,maps, books, photographs, films, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, electronicdata-processing records, artifacts, or other documentary material, regardless of physicalform or characteristics, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance in connection withthe transaction of public business by any agency of North Carolina government or itssubdivisions. Agency of North Carolina government or its subdivisions shall mean andinclude every public office, public officer or official (State or local, elected or appointed),institution, board, commission, bureau, council, department, authority or other unit ofgovernment of the State or of any county, unit, special district or other politicalsubdivision of government.(b) The public records and public information compiled by the agencies of NorthCarolina government or its subdivisions are the property of the people. Therefore, it is thepolicy of this State that the people may obtain copies of their public records and publicinformation free or at minimal cost unless otherwise specifically provided by law. Asused herein, "minimal cost" shall mean the actual cost of reproducing the public record orpublic information. (1935, c. 265, s. 1; 1975, c. 787, s. 1; 1995, c. 388, s. 1.)"

Please send me the documents. I am certainly willing to pay the 'actual cost' of reproducing the records.

Thank you.
Marsha V. Hammondcc: Defarge blog


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