Sunday, June 21, 2009

American Psychological Association: now it appears they were assisting the CIA & recruiting future torturer psychologists

I feel like I back working in intensive care units at one of the largest hospitals in the US, w/ patients dropping like flies : emergency carts flying and residents bouncing off the walls (I even worked in the ICU w/ the nurse that was sent to jail as associated with euthanizing a bunch of patients w/ boluses of KCl-----I remember him very well, laughing while people were coding: gee, I thought: you are way strange).

I met a marriage and family therapist tonight and I thought: what a breath of fresh air: an activist, a person who stands up to DSS....who doesn't try to just get along because its easier or convenient. I used to hang out w/ those people. I marvelled at the lack of interplay with psychologists.

I don't know what happened here but something bad happened to APA a long time ago, apparently, and its just been growing legs and arms like a monster for years. I don't see any of this changing unless the Division of Military Psychology goes away. And the chances of that are ZIP. Looks like eventually they will just control APA and so it appears that we simply better get on w/ finding some other professional way of interacting.

Everyday its a new piece of hemorrhaging re: APA. Now its Matarazzo's (ex president of the APA) ties w/ the CIA. :

"Nathaniel Raymond, of Physicians for Human Rights has posted a piece on the PHR blog discussing Jane Mayer's blockbuster revelation last weekend that former American Psychological Association [APA] President Joseph Matarazzo had a long relationship with the CIA, serving on itsprofessional-standards board. This relationship antedated the creation of the agency's "enhanced interrogations" torture program. This new information helps put in perspective the revelation in an NPR interview by Navy psychologist [and former APA ethics policy-maker] Bryce Lefever that Matarazzo had been recruiting SERE psychologists to "do their duty" to protect the country in the summer of 2001, before 911! The nature of the pre-911 activities for which Matarazzo was recruiting assistance are still secret. We also don't know what was involved in serving on the agency's professional-standards board...."


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