Sunday, December 27, 2009

NC Disability Rights files suit to keep Community Support Services for Thomas S. clients

See the Charlotte Observer article here by the excellent mental health writer, Michael Biesecker:

"Feds: N.C. budget cuts violate civil rights of disabled
By Michael
Posted: Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009

RALEIGH The federal government said in a legal filing Wednesday that state budget cuts to programs that help people with mental illness and developmental disabilities live on their own violate the individuals' civil rights.

The advocacy group Disability Rights North Carolina sued the state Department of Health and Human Services in federal court earlier this month over the cuts, which slashes state money that helps the disabled pay for home health care, rent and other expenses.

That lawsuit got a boost Wednesday when the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief supporting the case, asking a federal judge to issue an injunction against the state.
Here is a comment submitted re: this important matter:

'Quite possibly its wise for NC Disability Rights to (first?) go after reinstating the Community Support Services (CSS) for the Thomas S. clients---those w/ both intellectual disabilities (read: Mild MR, quite probably) and mental health challenges. However, there are many clients whom are disabled & live as independently as possible, rather than being in the family care homes where they have no access to medical care of their choice, are dependent on the beneficence (or not) of the administration of the family care home, and they have no spending money as per their disability checks being almost completely taken by the family care homes----in accord w/ NC Medicaid stipulations. This is really only a first step as associated with the hot potato of Community Support Services which is about to be almost completely defunded by NC DHHS for adults over the age of 21 starting 1.1.2010. Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Asheville, NC:'


Blogger Barbara said...

Oh, it's par for the course Madame Defarge!

The disabled have been greatly discriminated against for years and years now!

Oh, man, Cigna.. they are horrible to disabled people! We knew of one guy who was on disability or should have been and they gave him such a hard time after he was injured on the job, that he ended up committing suicide!

Cigna are rotten when it comes to people's lives & welfare in many many cases. Of course, they have that nicely worded ad, that says they CARE!

oh, they care alright, Madame Defarge! They care about their bottom line, profits..which leads me to another subject..

Why do the disabled get SO discriminated against in this town?

I remember someone telling me they'd signed up for one of the temp agencies.. Friday something, and they were told, after they took all these clerical tests that they could NOT find them a job simply b/c they were disabled!

My word! That's outrageous, and they bill themselves, the temp agency, as an EEOC agency.

So, NOT true at all!

I think we could start a whole blog or website for the disabled in this town. People would be literally SHOCKED to see how the disabled are actually treated.

Never mind being another minority, like black or a different religion, like atheism or Judaism, or Hindu, or even gay.

At least you got the health to move out of the town in which you are being discriminated against, in many cases.

The disabled can hardly walk up a flight of stairs in some cases, they are blind, needing guide dogs, etc. and yet, even though the ADA exists and has so, for many many years, there is just SO much discrimination against them in ALL walks of life!

I remember long time ago, they had a disabled woman comedian.. she had some speech problem, but honestly she was quite funny and I've not seen her for years.

There are some stores that hire the disabled and I must say, My hat's off to them!

If you know of a company or business which actively has discriminated against the disabled please post it here.

Is that okay with you Madame Defarge? It seems that you are in the corner of the disabled.

2:13 AM  

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