Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Coalition for Parity' (NOT!): Insurers Block MH Parity across the US

There has been a recent conversation amongst independent psychologists in Division 42 (Independent Practice Division) of the American Psychologist Association particularly associated w/ the 'blues' (BCBS, Blue Cross Blue Shield) companies across the US in terms of they refusing MH parity.

Indeed,in NC, BCBSNC was allowed to opt out of MH parity even though it was put into law back in 2009. You guessed it: there is a 'special liason' committee moving between the NC State Legislature and BCBSNC. Much information re: this can be found at my other blog which concerns itself w/ 'Scrutinizing BCBSNC': http://madamedefarge2scutinizingbcbsnc.blogspot.com/

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Mental Health Counselors Take Note: Insurers are Trying to Delay Mental Health Parity! The Whole Managed Care Industry is in Danger and Trying to Fighting Back.

A group of managed care organizations, cynically called the Coalition for Parity Inc., has filed suit in U.S. District Court to delay the implementation of the federal mental health parity bill. The Coalition claims its members were not given enough time to comment on the parity rules before they became final....."

see: http://www.carolinapartners.com/blog/2010/07/psychiatrists-psychologists-and-mental-health-counselors-take-note-insurers-are-trying-to-delay-mental-health-parity-the-wh


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