Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sarah Palin : Enemy of the State & Mental Health Treatment: She Targeted AZ Congresswoman for Supporting Health Care Reform

Yesterday I called Heath Shuler's office in D.C. to find out how he voted on the matter of the House of Representatives repealing the very minimal health care reform we gave so far been thrown-----like a dog being thrown a bone. His aide quickly indicated that he had not voted for repeal. I informed him that if I had a sense he would not support Obama's health care reform (BRING BACK THE PUBLIC OPTION NOW PLEASE), there would be no reason for me to vote for there would be no discrimination between Republicans and Democrats.

This afternoon, a Democratic Congresswoman, Gifford, was shot in the head, her aide killed, a 9 yr old child slaughtered, and others killed or maimed----and that Congresswoman was on Sarah Palin's hit list of Blue dog Dems to be taken out---to be 'targeted.'

Here is what Sarah Palin's Nazi-style plans are. It seems to me she needs to be charged federally with events leading up to this slaughter. God, that should get rid of that worthless woman.

Lack of health care reform means lack of mental health reform:

"....Miss Giffords had been named in March as a political campaign target for conservatives in November’s elections by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for her strong support for the health reforms of President Barack Obama.

Mrs Palin had published a “target map” on her website using images of gun sights to identify 20 House Democrats, including Miss Giffords, for backing the new health care law.


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