Sunday, May 01, 2011

Western Highlands Network LME Buries Providers With New 'Medicaid Waiver' Paperwork (and that's not even associated w/ anything related to clients)

Amazing! "Who will rid me of these troublesome mental health providers?"

Where is the NC Psychological Association (nowhere in sight).

See this link for the massive amount of documentation being provided by the 'new & improved' Medicaid waiver process associated with any Medicaid mental health under Western Highlands Network catchment area:

What the first round of mental health reform didn't do, this Medicaid waiver mess surely will----in terms of finishing off the mental health providers. There's 18 items associated w/ paperwork such as one's authorization to provide Medicaid services, etc., which you'd think NC DHHS could validate.

Now NC DHHS is attempting to have all the LME's create this massive boondoggle/ paperwork log jam. Its not enough to already be a Medicaid provider as per NC DHHS: now we have to submit individual massive packages to the various LME's.

What's money saving about this? There will simply be more homidical/ suicidal people who do not receive services, spending more expensive time in psychiatric units----unless they are thrown out 'prematurely' and kill someone on their way down (as happened about a month ago in eastern NC).

So, we are demanded to submit all this duplicitous paperwork and then attend a mandatory meeting for which we will not be paid.

Heckuva job, Brownie!


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