Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just As Predicted by UNC Chapel Hill School of Law Expert, Piedmont Behavioral Health is Attempting to Confuse, Obfuscate, & Shred Public Records Law

Here is the background information as associated with this critically important matter.

Moreover, this was predicted and outlined by Mark Botts, professor at UNC Chapel Hill's School of Law as associated with a memo handed out by Arthur Carder, CEO of Western Highlands Network LME (WHN LME) during the WHN LME Board meeting in June, 2011. I simply took what Mr. Carder handed out to the audience and copied it and posted it here, previously, at Madame Defarge. Here is Mr. Bott's letter.

At that WHN LME June, 2011 meeting, you could have cut the air with a knife for the WHN LME Board knew EXACTLY what was being proposed and what power Piedmont Behavioral Health LME-----the first LME to eagerly obtain a 'Medicaid Waiver' from NC DHHS several years ago----was attempting to establish. What had been driven into that board meeting room in June, 2011, was a Trojan Horse that was The Borg (for you people that watched, Star Trek, The Next Generation w/ Jean Luc Piccard).

During that meeting, what became apparent was that PBH was attempting to develop a position of being able to call the shots for the other LME's and launch their 'methods' for organizing Medicaid mental health at that LME-----with an eye towards being able to commandeer the other LME's and demand that they 'GIVE UNTO CAESAR THAT WHICH IS CAESAR'S' or another way to say it, is 'you can kiss my ring now and by the way hand over the money we demand of you (the other LME's) and allow us to dictate to you just how you will run your LME that is eager and being demanded by NC DHHS to launch into Medicaid Waiver mode'.

I suspect that citizens do not understand why in the world it would matter why one LME dictates to another one how to do their work. But plainly put, PBH has the apparent intention of shredding NC Public Records Law which means that people attempting to obtain Medicaid, such as this child as outlined by David Cornwell, will simply be given----FOR YEARS ON END----the run around as re: denial of services. And if you cannot obtain the records about WHY you are not being given services, then you don't get any services and you cannot find out WHY you cannot get any services.

As Mr. Cornwell clearly outlined, PBH simply told the court to go take a hike and were given yet another opportunity----with the Medicaid child sitting in the background----still with no services. This is, indeed, amazing.

As outlined by Mr. Cornwell re: this court appearance by the PBH CEO, PBH has indicated that it has 'sovereign immunity' as associated with Medicaid Waivers and that it is an 'independent contractor.'

They want the whole cake and they want to eat it all, too. And they want to tell YOU how much cake you can have, when you can eat it, and if you want to know what the ingredients are in the cake, well you can't have the recipe----or the public records.

WE TOLD YOU SO. The WHN LME Board members balked----at least as much as they could----from inviting the Trojan Horse shredding public documents into the lives of western NC citizens. If this is allowed to stand as per the courts, citizens will not be able to know why they cannot obtain Medicaid services.

Here is the link to Mr. Cornwell's excellent outline of the court room travesty that just took place.
"PBH: Compliance and Contempt"



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