Tuesday, March 13, 2012

8 Unmanaged Medicaid Therapy Visits Still in Place w/ Registration Form; Billing under Medicaid Waiver

I am thankful to say I found two helpful people at Western Highlands Network (WHN) LME this morning. Dorothy Sutton stated that there continue to be 8 unmanaged/ non-preauthorized psychotherapy visits prior to a need for authorization and massive paperwork re: the Medicaid Waiver.

The problem is in the billing. There is now no automatic way for your billing service----as in the past-----to link to Medicaid after Medicare has paid as the primary. I talked to Michael Beverage (yes, that's the correct spelling) beve0738@westernhighlands.org who is aware of the situation w/ the non-efficient cross-over. He suggested that my electronic biller speak with him (I wouldn't send those questions to billing@westernhighlands.org if I were you given how many people do not know what to do under the Medicaid Waiver).

More information as I gather it on this important matter.


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