Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lanier Cansler, Secretary NC DHHS, leaves to 'start a little consulting business': WHO'S IN CHARGE AT NC DHHS?

Does anyone know who is (very) temporarily taking Lanier Cansler's place while NC Medicaid rolls down the hill, crashing into everything and everyone?

Here is a fairly new to the scene mental health reporter who interviewed Mr. Cansler who indicated he was going to 'start a little consulting business'----ahem----like the one he had before that serviced NC Medicaid. See:

This is what Cansler stated are his intentions now that he's a free agent (again: cycling in and out of the public and private health care worlds, over and over again):

"NCHN: You left state government last time and you started a consulting firm. What happens now?

Secretary Cansler: I’ll set up a little consulting firm, same kind of thing. I hope…"

Hey: maybe he'll take a key position w/ Piedmont Behavioral Health that is hoisting the Medicaid waiver onto all the LME's.

Here is my response to that reporters interview w/ Mr. Cansler prior to his last day on February 1, 2012 and it was a rebuttal of another poster who just had to get in their little comment about how those 'big entities' have to be smothered and washed down the drain:

"Big, omnibus systems work way better than small, omnibus systems as associated with privatizing Medicaid and giving the LME's massive money to simply manage Medicaid money. As it stands, now the LME's, utilizing the demanded PBH (Piedmont Behavioral health)-initiated Medicaid waiver, providers who have been providing Medicaid services in western NC are being buried under paperwork barriers due to the mismanagement of the small, omnibus system when in fact for this professional psychologist provider, the CENTRALIZED NC MEDICAID WORKED JUST FINE.

Now, I cannot even get thru the additional tier of applying to request to be able to send in the paperwork to continue to be a Medicaid provider as per Western Highlands Network LME when I have been a provider for Medicaid clients in NC for 7 years.

So, all the talk about those terrible big systems simply is not true.

Everything is now splintered into smaller barrier-creating systems that whoopee! will save Medicaid $$ and the reason is associated with the providers not being able to do the work and get paid.

So, its an illusion, my friend, all your talk about these nasty big systems taking all your tax-payer money. It is the PRIVATIZATION of health care that is taking your money. And part of that privatization is associated with splitting all the mental health (formerly) community mental health centers into entities that only manage and only create paperwork which has nothing to do w/ seeing people who need mental health services.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, NC


Blogger Frank Miller MD said...

Mr. Cansler who supposedly made monies off his business machines supply business, selling computers to state facilities, has left to join eventually among other endeavors he is ostensibly more open about, the Committee to Privatize the State Hospitals. If this is so, would this have been a potential all along conflict of interest when he was Secty of DHHS?

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