Friday, April 27, 2012

Why Providers Don't Get Paid When Their Clients 'Switch' Their Medicare Plans: Watch Out for United Health Care company

Watch OUT for this Medicare Advantage Plan: United Health Care  POB 29675 Hot Springs, AR 71903-9675.  If your client switches to this, according to paperwork I recently received from the company denying me ALL payments for sessions since the client switched, this is what has happened according to my very efficient, knowledgeable biller: 

"Hi Marsha -
> The new Medicare option plan that she is now on is denying stating she
> "self-directed out of network".  This plan is BS, folks are told that if
> they switch they can continue working and seeing any Medicare but then when
> the claims are filed - they deny for you not being in their network.  You
> and the client can fight it - tell them you will be contacting the NC Dept.
> of Insurance, etc. but expect it to take a while.  "

Yipee!! More paperwork.  


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