Thursday, June 21, 2012

FRESH AIR: HELLO: Here is the Model to Pay Attention to: an LME in Eastern NC Understands the 'Emergency' Nature of Mental Health Crises & Creates a 24/7 Free-standing Clinic to Address Challenged Citizens Issues

I'm dying for some fresh air re: this Medicaid Waiver. 

Here it is and as I tell my clients: take advantage of the breaks and revel in them.

Thank you, Richard Craver, Reporter.

"A big boost for behavioral health

The new Forsyth Behavioral Health Outpatient and Assessment Center in Winston-Salem features a multifamily group room for therapy and seminars. The 24/7 center, which opened Wednesday, offers services designed to relieve the Forsyth Medical Center Emergency Department from the 5,000-plus behavioral health patients it sees every year. Outpatient services include programs to help treat substance abuse and mood and anxiety disorders.

The center also has a 24/7 call center for community members, doctors and first responders facing behavioral health issues...."


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