Thursday, March 28, 2013

Humana: Left Hand has no idea what the Right Hand is doing : LifeSync Managing Humana Mental Health in the Dark

Oh, did I mention that we need a ONE Payor system and it needs to be Medicare?

So, another Humana client of mine called Human and they went, "Duh"...we don't know what the problem is.  He was directed to call LifeSync, a company in Dallas, TX that manages the mental health/ behavioral health for Humana.  Client talked to 'Layla' at extension 1028921; tel number 866 376 2921.  I called her and left a message.

Client was informed that as far as LifeSync knows, there is no issue re: PPO clients and unlike other Humana client who was advised that I was going to receive a 'Waiver' for her to continue seeing me, LifeSync said they had never heard of anything like that.

So, you got a huge company who is completely dysfunctional.

I'm a psychologist: I'm glad to offer you my services so you can understand the impact that your dysfunction has upon your providers and your insured.


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