Saturday, June 01, 2013

What is the Status of Providers Who Are In-Network at SMC LME but Out-of-Network at WHN LME?

Here is an e mail to a gentleman at SMC LME.  If anyone knows the answer to this question, please contact me at:  Thanks.  Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, NC

"You stated: "Hello, Dr. Hammond

Contracts between WHN and providers will be honored in the partnership agreement between SMC and WHN.  Please refer to the FAQ’s page on both the SMC and the WHN websites for updates regarding the partnership; and we are frequently posting new information as details are being worked out.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime via e-mail or at the phone number listed below.


Daniel Johnston, MSW, LCSW
Contract Performance Specialist, Northern Region
(828) 265-5315 ext. 3326"

I am an IN NETWORK provider w/ SMC LME and an OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDER w/ WHN LME.  What is therefore my status re: WHN catchment area? 

I won't go into the fact that it took a year to get even that squeezed out of WHN LME and if you wanted to see what a hassle it was to work w/ them you could look at my blog.  

All I want to know is if I can bypass them altogether.  A completely useless LME and I'm glad they've skidded off the road.  

Pass this to anyone you like.  "


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