Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This is how you get United HealthCare to pay for outpatient Mental Health Services

Can't get United HealthCare, a Medicare 'Advantage' company----completely unregulated at any level in the US----to pay you for outpatient mental health services?  This is how you settle the matter.

1. You file appeal after appeal indicating that that since they lured clients away from Medicare using some guy at Eblen Charities at the back of Earth Fare Grocery store in Asheville, NC who indicated to your client: "We will pay for all mental health services."  So, go get your picket-gear on and hold up your sign which says: "United HealthCare = No Mental Health Care Services.

2. Your client calls up United HealthCare and has the following conversation after numerous attempts at trying to get his outpatient psychiatric and mental health care paid for: "Listen M.......f........"; "What did you say?"; "You heard me right M.......f.........   I am right now in the process of going back to Medicare.  I expect you to pay for my mental health services." 

You can't believe how fast this provider got a letter in the mail indicating that she would be paid back to the beginning of the year. This being said, I don't got no check in my mail box and so I sent yet another appeal to United HealthCare and Maximus Federal who is supposed to monitor them---indicating I had no check tho I had received a letter indicating I would be paid. 

I'll believe it when the check is in my hand.  I advised the very excellent psychiatrist to re-file his billing with United HealthCare. 

Meantime, the client has returned back to Medicare for what they will do once....they will do again.


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I thought you might be interested in this about RHA salaries... Nice to see where tax dollars go.

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